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Keratoconus affects your cornea, the clear dome-shaped window at the front of your eye. In keratoconus your cornea becomes weaker causing it to bulge outwards in an irregular shape. This can make your vision blurry and distorted. You might find bright light uncomfortable because the uneven cornea scatters light more as it enters your eye. You may also see halos around lights, which can affect your vision at night, for example, when you are driving.

Keratoconus usually develops in your teens or 20s and can worsen over time. The main treatment plan for keratoconus is to try and correct the vision problems caused by the irregular, cone-shaped cornea. Surgical treatments are available to try to improve the shape of the cornea togive a better level of vision. A treatment called collagen cross-linking can help to slow down thedevelopment of keratoconus.In more severe cases, corneal transplants can improve sight to a good level.
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