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Corporate Social Responsibility

At William Martin, we are committed through our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy to ensuring that we minimise our environmental impact and support the social wellbeing of communities.

Why CSR matters

The impact of the construction industry upon society is huge. The way the built environment is designed, developed and maintained shapes the way we live, travel and work.

If our activities as a construction consultancy are carried out in a socially responsible way, we can reduce our environmental impact by:

  • Managing construction projects proactively with an aim to reduce disruption, noise and other forms of nuisance;
  • Using sustainable working practices to keep waste to an absolute minimum;
  • Designing and managing projects in order to ensure health and safety risk are minimised.
  • In addition, through good design and the use of local labour, we can support and enhance the local community by:
  • Creating functional aesthetic designs which seek to improve health and wellbeing;
  • Designing buildings to help prevent crime, ensuring local people feel safer;
  • Enhancing the built environment to enable people to be connected to their home, neighbourhood and local amenities;
  • Supporting the local economy and job market through our construction activity

CSR Objectives and Targets

We have taken a number of practical steps to ensure we remain a socially responsible company:

  • Specification - we include standard preliminaries in our contracts to encourage contractors to adopt the principles of CSR. This includes encouraging participation in local labour schemes and a commitment to training.
  • Considerate Constructors - we include contract clauses requiring contractors to join a Considerate Constructors Scheme.
  • Workforce development - we invest in our staff, particularly their development and training. As a socially responsible employer, we also seek to provide work placements for school children, living near our office.
  • Environmental Sustainability - we encourage our staff to travel by public transport, and discourage the use of private cars. Where this is unavoidable, we have our own pool car, which is shared by all staff.

Our Values

Our approach to CSR is underpinned by our socially responsible values:

  • Transparency - we will be open to all stakeholders about our interests and processes.
  • Fairness - we will treat all stakeholders reasonably and equally.
  • Inclusiveness - we will involve all groups affected by our activities in relevant decision making processes.
  • Responsiveness - we will respond to any concerns of stakeholders quickly and effectively.
  • Integrity - we will be honest and comply with agreed terms and principles.
  • Diversity - we value and promote diversity in terms of gender, culture and race, and we will apply different perspectives and new approaches in our day to day management.
  • Accountability - we will accept responsibility for what we do

Review of This Policy

This CSR policy is reviewed annually by assessing its operation during the previous year and identifying actions and further amendments required in the following year together with achievement against our set targets.

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